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Film Review: ‘The Tribe’

Yana Norikova and Grigoriy Fesenko

The hooligan thugs of A Clockwork Orange had their own new language, courtesy of author Anthony Burgess. The delinquent gang members of The Tribe don’t call each other droogs, but they too have a distinct kind of communication. But we can’t hear a word of it. The dialogue in this Ukrainian film is cast entirely in sign language—and not subtitled, in Ukrainian or English. It’s essentially a silent film, its soundtrack made of incidental noise and the occasional violent gasp. The setting is a boarding school for the deaf outside Kiev, where newcomer Sergey (Grigoriy Fesenko) is welcomed with a mugging, a beating, and eventual enlistment in the teen gang that runs the place. (Grown-up authority is almost never seen.) Some of the boys act as pimps for their female classmates, cruising through a nearby truckstop for customers. At some point, Sergey falls for one of the girls, Anya (Yana Novikova), and of course wants to rescue her.

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