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Film Review: The Sleepwalker

Gitte Witt

The infrastructure of The Sleepwalker is as carefully arranged as the brick modernist estate where all the action takes place. Above that framework, unfortunately, is a vague exercise in arty mystery and perplexing behavior.

We are in the woods of Massachusetts, where this stunning getaway is home to Kaia (Gitte Witt), currently remodeling her late father’s house with the help of boyfriend Andrew (Christopher Abbott, from Girls). The extremely abrupt arrival of Kaia’s sister Christine (Stephanie Ellis, who looks like a hippie Modigliani portrait) makes for an unwanted houseguest; then Christine’s fiancé Ira (Brady Corbet) shows up in search of his errant, and pregnant, companion. Long-simmering tensions and old family secrets will now be served in the main room, along with too much alcohol. And, oh yes, Christine sleepwalks.

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