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Review: Morgan


As we slide into the late-summer multiplex doldrums, movies with neurons to spare are especially welcome. The clinical cautionary tale Morgan happily fits into the latter category, moving past some early familiarity to become a smart, sneakily ambitious thriller.

Set in the not too distant future, the story follows a no-nonsense corporate troubleshooter (Kate Mara) sent to a secluded forest compound to assess the status of a rapidly developing artificial humanoid (The Witch’s terrifically spooky Anya Taylor-Joy). As she and the swiftly dwindling team of scientists—including Toby Jones, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and a perfectly assholish Paul Giamatti—soon discover, the experiment has some significant gray areas.

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Film Review: ‘Love & Mercy’

Paul Dano as young Brian Wilson

There was a time when you’d have gotten blank stares if you’d declared Brian Wilson, original Beach Boy and surf-sound hitmaker, a musical genius. That changed a couple of decades ago, about the time he was freed from the smothering control of the “radical psychotherapist” Dr. Eugene Landy, and when the 1966 album Pet Sounds was belatedly recognized as a pop-music masterpiece.

Love & Mercy is built on those two periods. It parallels the boyish enthusiasm and free-flowing creative drive of young visionary Wilson (Paul Dano) and the fragile, terrified older Wilson (John Cusack), and it manages to capture a lot of history in those few years without slipping into a portrait of heroes and villains.

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