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Robert Horton Blogs North by Nordwesten

“I’m Robert Horton, Seattle film critic and RIAS 2012 fellow. As we travel through Europe for the RIAS fall program, I’ll blog along the way, from Berlin to Dresden to Prague to Brussels.”

Seattle film critic and Parallax View contributor Robert Horton is American abroad for the next few weeks. He’s been chosen as a Fellow in the RIAS Berlin Kommission’s fall 2012 German/American Journalist Exchange Program and is now on a very busy itinerary in Berlin. So he’s set up a new blog to chronicle his activities: North by Nordwesten.

Here’s Horton checking in on his Second Day:

“The RIAS program for U.S. journalists does not skimp on activities. This is no problem whatsover, but it makes for days when it is difficult to cast one’s mind all the way back to, oh, the morning. But I feel certain that this morning we had a breakfast talk with the very personable and knowledgable Erik Kirschbaum, an American journalist who has lived in Germany for many years and seems capable of commenting on virtually any topic, cultural or political, we could bring up.”

You can find the North by Nordwesten blog here.