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2000 Eyes: Malena

The Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore picked up the best foreign film Oscar in 1989 with Cinema Paradiso, his widely-beloved ode to a movie theater in his native Sicily. This year, Tornatore is positioned to make another run at the Oscar. His new one, Malena, has already picked up a Golden Globe nomination for best foreign film, announced last week. It’s another period piece set in small-town Sicily, a time and place beautifully re-created. And, again like Paradiso, we see the story through the eyes of a boy.

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Review: The Wonders

Monica Bellucci

Here’s Tuscany, but without the romance. The cinematography is fuzzy, the people grubby, and the work, beekeeping, demanding. No travelogue under the Tuscan sun in The Wonders, just an oddball coming-of-age tale that creates loopy magic by the end. The growing-up is owned by Gelsomina (Maria Alexandra Lugu), the oldest daughter in a honey-making family. As the best worker on the farm, she has a special closeness to bossy German-born patriarch Wolfgang (Sam Louwyck), whose insistence on old-fashioned methods is testing the patience of his exasperated French wife Angelica (Alba Rohrwacher, from I Am Love). Gelsomina’s three younger sisters muck about the ramshackle place, in various states of wildness. (The dialogue is in Italian, but the characters have mixed Euro-origins.)

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