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Film Review: ‘La Sapienza’

‘La Sapienza’

A quick synopsis of La Sapienza suggests the possibility of an eye-pleasing excursion into la dolce vita, a heaping helping of architecture and Italy served with a nice Chianti. We meet a slightly uneasy middle-aged couple, Alexandre (Fabrizio Rongione, the patient husband in Two Days, One Night) and Aliénor (Christelle Prot Landman). He’s a well-known architect—brilliant, but over-rational—while she practices some hybrid of sociology and psychology. A chance encounter with teenage siblings Goffredo (Ludovico Succio) and Lavinia (Arianna Nastro) leads them to separate for a few days. Goffredo is an architecture student and accompanies Alexandre to Rome, the better to learn about the Baroque splendors of buildings designed by Borromini; Aliénor opts to stay behind in Switzerland and tend to Lavinia, whose dizzy spells are incapacitating.

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