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Film Review: The Creeping Garden

‘The Creeping Garden’

Let us dispense with the jokes about films with unusual topics: Yes, if you have to see one movie about slime mold this year, this is it. Yes, The Creeping Garden is the Citizen Kane of slime-mold movies. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s state that Garden is indeed a fascinating film about slime mold, and that it fulfills the documentary objective of informing us about a subject we know little about. The film flies bravely in the face of the world’s ignorance of slime mold, in fact. We visit a British specimen collection in the fungus department of an archive in Kew Gardens, where the curator wistfully notes that very few people request access to the slime-mold section. Those who do are in for a treat: dozens of tiny, dried samples of slime mold, resting in wee boxes with labels hand-lettered by some long-forgotten enthusiast from the 1920s.

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