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Review: Labyrinth of Lies

Alexander Fehling

Labyrinth of Lies is mostly set in the early 1960s, but it’s all about World War II—a time lag that measures how the ghosts of war nag at the survivors. The story is set in West Germany, where the urge to forget vies with the duty to remember. Featuring a fictitious central character but otherwise based on fact, Labyrinth tracks a Frankfurt district attorney’s campaign to prosecute mid-level SS members who served at Auschwitz. Headed by go-getter Johann Radmann (a composite character, played by Alexander Fehling), the investigation goes against the culture of West Germany’s resurgence; it would be so much nicer if Radmann would just let sleeping dogs lie. The case ruffles official feathers and raises wide-ranging questions about whether the accused were merely following orders. If these rank-and-file soldiers were guilty of mass murder, what does that say about the population at large?

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