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Film Review: ‘A Fuller Life’

Samuel Fuller

If you are already a fan of Samuel Fuller’s uncompromising pulp cinema, you’ll be delighted by this new documentary tour covering the life and career of the director,writer, and producer. If you’ve never encountered one of his two-fisted yarns, you’ll almost certainly wonder how you got this far without stumbling across this flabbergasting character. A Fuller Life is ingeniously designed. The screenplay is drawn entirely from Fuller’s posthumously published 2002 memoir, A Third Face, spoken on and off camera by a gallery of intriguing readers: cast members from Fuller’s Big Red One (including Mark Hamill), fellow filmmakers such as Wim Wenders and Buck Henry, and the inescapable James Franco. Fuller’s scandal-sheet-ready prose is accompanied by (very brief) clips from his pictures, plus some fascinating footage he shot as an infantryman during World War II.

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