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Film Review: ‘A Hard Day’

Lee Sun-kyun

He hit someone while driving, and he should report it. But our morally swampy protagonist has a few drinks under his belt and a lot to lose, and besides, nobody is around this lonely crossroads. Anyway, he’s a South Korean police detective—he can handle this. From such fatal misjudgments, many entertaining movies have come, and A Hard Day is an entertaining movie. Plot holes and unlikely incidents will be glimpsed only in the rearview mirror, because director Kim Seong-hoon is moving too fast for us to work out the logic. The cop is Geon-soo (played by the believably crafty Lee Sun-kyun—you can see ideas crashing like waves across his face), a brash young homicide detective whose mother has just died. He concocts a brilliant/insane idea to hide the victim of his vehicular incident inside Mom’s coffin, a scheme that leads to a suitably crazy sequence at the morgue.

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