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‘The Lego Movie’: Goofiness proves to be infectious

‘The Lego Movie’

All films are built brick by brick. In the case of The Lego Movie this is, of course, truer than ever.

Yes, there is a 3D animated film featuring Lego, and yes, it is fun. The brains behind Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs have taken the universally loved toys and built an unlikely adventure movie out of them. It’s not just the bricks; that would be pretty dull. The little people of Lego, including Batman and Superman and a Star Wars Lego set, carry the weight here.

Our hero is not a marquee name but humble Emmet (exuberantly voiced by Chris Pratt), a worker drone in a Lego world ruled by President Business (Will Ferrell). All the Lego people listen to the same music (“Everything Is Awesome” is the title of what appears to be the brain-dead national anthem), watch the same TV shows and are happy in their conformist world.

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