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SIFFing: Parallax View’s SIFF 2013 Guide

The 39th Annual Seattle International Film Festival opens on Thursday, May 16, with a screening of Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing, and complete its 25-day run on Sunday, June 9 with Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring as the Closing Night Film. Here is Parallax View’s coverage and guide to SIFF resources for all 25 days.

SIFF Week by Week, Day by Day:
Seattle 2013: The Finish Line (Sean Axmaker, Keyframe)
Seattle Film Festival Wrap (Anne Thompson, Thompson on Hollywood)
Week 4 Picks and Pans (Seattle Weekly)
SIFF week 4: Nine movies to see (Seattle Times)
Closing Weekend Highlights (Three Imaginary Girls)
Week 3 Picks and Pans (Seattle Weekly)
Festive: SIFF Week Three (Stranger)
SIFF week 3: 10 Movies to see (Seattle Times)
Week Three Highlights (Three Imaginary Girls)
Art and Endurance at Seattle’s 25-Day Fest (Sean Axmaker, Keyframe)
Week 2 Picks and Pans (Seattle Weekly)
Festive: SIFF Week Two (Stranger)
SIFF 2013, week 2: 11 movies to see (Seattle Times)
Week Two Highlights (Three Imaginary Girls)
Week 1 Picks and Pans (Seattle Weekly)
SIFF Week 1: 10 movies to see (Seattle Times)
Week One Highlights (Three Imaginary Girls)
The first staff picks (The Asian Weekly)
The Stranger’s Guide to SIFF 2013 (The Stranger)
Food on Film at SIFF (Hanna Raskin, Seattle Weekly)

Miller and Horton Go to SIFF (Brian Miller and Robert Horton, Seattle Weekly)
Face the Music (Amie Simon, Three Imaginary Girls)
Northwest Connections (Amie Simon, Three Imaginary Girls)
Hearing What’s On Screen for Face the Music (Chris Estey, KEXP)
Previewing SIFF 2013 (Sean Axmaker, Parallax View)

Spotlight Features and Commentary:
Is SIFF Being TOO Curious With Festival Data? (Daniel Person, Seattle Weekly)
Decoding Annie Parker profiled (Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times)
ShortsFest Family Picture Show (Three Imaginary Girls)
Vampires, Rock Stars, Impolite New Yorkers, and Sarah Polley’s Family (Paul Contast, The Stranger)
Finding Hillywood (Sean Axmaker, Seattle Weekly)
Unhung Hero (Brian Miller, Seattle Weekly)
The Ceiling Can’t Hold Them (Mark Baumgarten, Seattle Weekly)
3 SIFF documentaries tell Northwest stories (Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times)

Reviews and capsules:
Seattle Weekly SIFF page
The Stranger’s SIFF Notes
Three Imaginary Girls
A Random Walk Through Film

Official sites:
SIFF 2013 homepage
SIFF calendar
SIFF Films A to Z
SIFFtv (video shorts and interviews from the festival)
The official Twitter feed of the Seattle International Film Festival

And other resources:
Which SIFF films are coming back? (Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times)

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