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MSN Entertainment’s 100 favorite films

MSN Movies recently polled the contributors to submit a list of their favorite films. Not a list of the best films ever made, or the most important, or most significant. This was about personal favorites, the films we return to, the films we love.

Four Seattle film writers — all of them contributors to Parallax View at one time or another — participated in the poll and contributed short essays on a select few of the ultimate list of 100 films. Click on the names below to read the essays.

The complete list is on MSN Movies here.

2. North By Northwest — Richard T. Jameson

4. It’s a Wonderful Life — Richard T. Jameson

8. Nashville — Jim Emerson

9. Lawrence of Arabia — Sean Axmaker

10. The Searchers — Kathleen Murphy

19. Vertigo — Jim Emerson

26. A Hard Day’s Night — Jim Emerson

27. Rio Bravo — Kathleen Murphy

36. Only Angels Have Wings — Kathleen Murphy

39. Sunrise — Sean Axmaker

41. Monty Python’s Life of Brian — Jim Emerson

46. Trouble in Paradise — Richard T. Jameson

52. Dazed and Confused — Sean Axmaker

53. McCabe and Mrs. Miller — Kathleen Murphy

67. Playtime — Sean Axmaker

71. Close Encounters of the Third Kind — Jim Emerson

77. Stagecoach — Richard T. Jameson

79. Some Like it Hot — Richard T. Jameson

82. Excalibur — Kathleen Murphy

87. La Dolce Vita — Jim Emerson

88. Two-Lane Blacktop — Sean Axmaker