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Lisandro Alonso in Seattle and At the Edge of the World

Lisandro Alonso
Lisandro Alonso

The films of Lisandro Alonso, one of the most exciting and accomplished directors working to redefine filmmaking on the international stage, are showcased in Northwest Film Forum’s series “At the Edge Of The World: The Cinema of Lisandro Alonso” (November 11-20). The young filmmaker (in his early thirties) has made four features since his debut, La Libertad, in 2001. Only one of his films has been released on DVD in the U.S. (Los Muertos on Facets DVD) and all are making their respective Seattle screen debuts in this series. They are all well worth your time to see, especially on the screen. Alonso’s films are experiences, as much about the passing of time and the texture of his landscapes and the light upon his subjects (he shoots his films with available light, which has a particular way of sculpting his images) as the enigmatic characters and their journeys through their respective worlds.

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