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Streamers: See Orson Welles’ ‘Too Much Johnson’ and Amazon’s Third Pilot Season for Free

27 August, 2014 (08:06) | by Sean Axmaker, news, Orson Welles, Silent Cinema, streaming, Television | By: Sean Axmaker

Too Much Johnson, the Orson Welles film (or rather film project) that was long thought lost (the last print was reportedly destroyed in a fire in Welles’ Spanish home in 1970), was found a few years ago and restored. It’s not a feature or even a short, per se, more of an experiment shot to […]

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Blu-ray: ‘King of the Hill’

7 May, 2014 (08:27) | Blu-ray, by Sean Axmaker, DVD, Film Reviews | By: Sean Axmaker

King of the Hill (1993) is the third feature from Steven Soderbergh, who jumped to the head of the American independent scene when sex, lies and videotape took the Audience Award at Sundance 1989 and went on to win the Palme d’Or at Cannes before getting a wide release in suburban multiplexes. His second film, […]

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How Steven Soderbergh’s ‘sex, lies and videotape’ Still Influences Sundance After 25 Years

15 January, 2014 (11:48) | by Sean Axmaker, Essays | By: Sean Axmaker

“When I was coming up, making an independent film and trying to reach an audience was like, trying to hit a thrown baseball. This is like trying to hit a thrown baseball but with another thrown baseball.” – Steven Soderbergh at the San Francisco International Film Festival, 2013 Did the Sundance Film Festival make sex, […]

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Soderbergh’s Eleven: The Best of Steven Soderbergh

5 February, 2013 (15:58) | by Sean Axmaker, Directors, Essays | By: Sean Axmaker

Remember when Steven Soderbergh announced imminent retirement a few years ago? Well, he’s apparently holding himself to his promise. Warner Bros. is promoting “Side Effects” as Soderbergh’s final film (apparently the upcoming “Behind the Candelabra” doesn’t count because it’s made for HBO). Hard to believe, given the way he’s been turning out an average of […]

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Blu-ray/DVD: ‘Magic Mike’

22 October, 2012 (16:10) | Blu-ray, by Sean Axmaker, DVD, Film Reviews | By: Sean Axmaker

Magic Mike (Warner) is one of the success stories of 2012. While megabudget spectacles and potential tentpole films collapsed under the weight of heavy productions over flimsy scripts, Steven Soderbergh took a story inspired by actor Channing Tatum’s early experiences as a male stripper and a budget that wouldn’t pay for the reshoots on “Battleship” […]

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Review: ‘sex, lies, and videotape’

7 July, 2012 (10:15) | by Richard T. Jameson, Film Reviews | By: Richard T. Jameson

[originally published in 7 Days, on August 9, 1989] Steven Soderbergh wrote the screenplay for sex, lies, and videotape during an eight-day drive from Baton Rouge to Los Angeles, and the movie he made from it retains the hurtling urgency of its genesis. This is true despite the fact that it’s not a fast-moving film by any means. Its principal […]

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‘Magic Mike’ Bares a Soul

28 June, 2012 (07:14) | by Kathleen Murphy, Film Reviews | By: Kathleen Murphy

Summer steamrollers like The Avengers sometimes feel like cinematic beat-downs. Good or bad, the mechanics of these big brawls can be numbingly repetitious. Their vulnerable manflesh stuffed into kid costumes and muscle suits, superheroes battle one another bloodlessly, bumping and grinding in the service of saving the eternally imperiled world. Borrrrr-ing! For an antidote and a really good […]

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Interview: Steven Soderbergh and “Che”

15 January, 2009 (17:56) | by Sean Axmaker, Directors, Interviews | By: Sean Axmaker

Steven Soderbergh’s Che is both two features and one work, a 4 ½-hour production that carves out what Soderbergh, producer/star Benicio Del Toro and screenwriter Peter Buchman see as the two defining periods in the life of Ernesto Che Guevara: the Cuban Revolution and the Bolivian expedition. Except for a brief scene where Guevara meets […]

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