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The Realist Renaissance

5 October, 2015 (06:46) | by James Monaco, Film Reviews | By: James Monaco

[Originally published in Movietone News 36, October 1974] Ever since the Lumière brothers first fascinated audiences with cinematic recreations of trains entering stations, waves breaking on shores, and street traffic in Paris, theories of Realism have been the aesthetic engines of the film medium. A language with an almost mystical capacity to replicate reality, film […]

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Review: Jaws

16 December, 2014 (06:11) | by Rick Hermann, Film Reviews | By: Rick Hermann

[Originally published in Movietone News 42, July 1975] Jaws begins with a chillingly realistic sequence of shots that are at the same time metaphysically portentous and eerily beautiful. The camera pans slowly across a group of college people singing and drinking around a beach campfire, cuts a fluid swath along a bluish twilight New England […]

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The Great American Eating Machine

12 September, 2011 (05:14) | by Robert C. Cumbow, Essays | By: Robert C. Cumbow

[Originally published in Movietone News 52, October 1976] The recurrence of certain thematic ideas clues us to a consistency of vision at work in Steven Spielberg’s last three films. For one thing, all are “disaster films” in the sense that they deal with the revelation of character in time of stress. Each of the three […]

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STOP – and be friendly: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

2 August, 2010 (06:44) | by Pierre Greenfield, Essays | By: Pierre Greenfield

[Originally published in Movietone News 58-59, August 1978] As everyone must know by now, the title of Steven Spielberg’s science-fiction extravaganza refers to an actual meeting with an extraterrestrial visitant; or, as the advertising more directly puts it, “contact.” “Contact” is very much what the movie is all about. No film since 2001: A Space […]

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