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Blu-ray: ‘The Blue Angel’

5 December, 2012 (15:35) | Blu-ray, by Sean Axmaker, Film Reviews | By: Sean Axmaker

The Blue Angel (Kino) – American director Josef von Sternberg went to Germany to direct Emil Jannings in his transition from silent to sound cinema and returned to Hollywood with an international hit and a new star: Marlene Dietrich. Not exactly what Jannings had in mind, but then how could he know that the theatrical […]

Götterdämmerung in Technicolor: Fritz Lang’s ‘Rancho Notorious’

19 September, 2011 (05:51) | by Richard T. Jameson, Essays, Westerns | By: Richard T. Jameson

O listen … listen well: Listen to the Legend of Chuck-a-Luck, Chuck-a-Luck, Listen to the song of the gambler’s wheel, A souvenir of a bygone year, Spinning a tale of the old frontier And a man of steel, And the passion that drove him on, and on, and on. It began, they say, one summer’s […]

SFSFF 2011: Divas – “Il Fuoco” and “The Woman Men Yearn For”

17 July, 2011 (15:53) | by Sean Axmaker, Film Reviews, Silent Cinema | By: Sean Axmaker

Pina Menichelli is the very ideal of the diva in Il Fuoco (Italy, 1915). Introduced only as an illustrious poetess and countess, she steps out of her chauffeured car in a feathered outfit and hat that makes her look like a bird of prey. And she acts that way too when she meets the young […]

Touch of Evil

19 February, 2011 (03:27) | by Richard T. Jameson, Essays, Film Noir, Film Reviews, Orson Welles | By: Richard T. Jameson

This program note was written in connection with the November 16, 1971 showing of Touch of Evil in the University of Washington Office of Lectures & Concerts Autumn Quarter Film Series “The Cinema of Orson Welles.” Since that was a long time ago and the only version of the movie available at the time was […]

Savoir-être: Josef von Sternberg’s ‘Morocco’

2 January, 2011 (08:20) | by Richard T. Jameson | By: Richard T. Jameson

[Originally written for a University of Washington Lectures & Concerts Film Series, "Sternberg and Dietrich"; reprinted in Movietone News No. 37, November 1974] Marlene Dietrich first appeared to American audiences as a dark figure browsing over the deck of a ship in the fog somewhere off the coast of Morocco. Her visual treatment on this […]