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Film Review: ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

30 April, 2015 (05:28) | by Robert Horton, Film Reviews, Science Fiction | By: Robert Horton

The characters in current superhero movies must’ve grown up reading comic books. In Marvel’s run of blockbusters, Iron Man and Thor and the gang (well, maybe not Captain America) are steeped in cultural references; they know all the clichés of pulp fiction, even as they embody them. Aware of the absurdity of wearing tights and […]

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Videophiled: ‘The Immigrant’

7 April, 2015 (16:28) | Blu-ray, by Sean Axmaker, DVD, Film Reviews | By: Editor

The Immigrant (Anchor Bay, Blu-ray, DVD) – Marion Cotillard earned an Oscar nomination for her performance in the Dardenne Brothers’s Two Days, One Night but I think her best performance of 2014 is in this film. She plays Ewa, a Polish immigrant in 1921 New York who, turned away by relatives, is dependent on a […]

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‘American Hustle’: Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams Fight Over Christian Bale

19 December, 2013 (13:59) | by Robert Horton, Film Reviews | By: Editor

We should mention right off that the New York Film Critics Circle, which decided it needed to be first in the stampede of awards groups doling out accolades this year, bestowed its best-picture prize on American Hustle. That was back on December 3, which means NYFCC members likely saw the film a few days (if […]

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‘Hansel & Gretel’ is bitter and not so sweet

27 January, 2013 (10:52) | by Kathleen Murphy, Film Reviews, Horror | By: Kathleen Murphy

Much—and now understandably—delayed, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is grim going. This horror-action-comedy pastiche possesses all the terror and suspense and visual pizzazz of a downscale videogame for dull-eyed teens happy to lap up lame wisecracks and lots of gore. Back in 2009, director Tommy Wirkola served up Dead Snow, a horror hit about rampaging […]

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Blu-ray/DVD: ‘The Avengers’

25 September, 2012 (21:21) | Blu-ray, by Sean Axmaker, DVD | By: Sean Axmaker

The Avengers (Disney), the Marvel comics superhero all-star team, is the most impressive example of synergy in the comic book movie industry to date. Unlike The X-Men, which arrived full formed in 2000, The Avengers is the comic book version of the supergroup, with stars in their own right coming together (not without some friction […]

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