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Review: Vigilante Force

3 November, 2011 (10:16) | by Richard T. Jameson, Film Reviews | By: Richard T. Jameson

[Originally published in Movietone News 52, October 1976] If George Armitage has any consciousness of the existence of film critics and their predilection for creating cult figures, he’s doubtlessly waiting for some little-magazine commentator who hasn’t turned over a rock lately to hail him as an “American primitive.” His credentials? A storyline so incredible a […]

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Review: The Big Red One

24 September, 2009 (08:10) | by Robert Horton, Film Reviews, Sam Fuller | By: Robert Horton

[Originally published in Movietone News 66-67, March 1981] Trying to flag down a notion of just how “pure cinema”—Hitchcock’s term—works is tricky. The implication is that there is a level on which film operates which is undetectable by those who are unwilling or untrained. Sounds kinda elitist, I’m sure, but this is probably why many […]

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