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Film Review: ‘Fury’

17 October, 2014 (08:14) | by Robert Horton, Film Reviews | By: Robert Horton

The longer Fury goes on, the more surreal it becomes. The action takes place during a single day and night at the end of World War II, but there can’t possibly be enough hours in a day to accommodate everything that happens. Probably this was intentional on the part of writer-director David Ayer (End of […]

Videophiled: ‘Transcendence’ and ‘Sabotage’ fail

22 July, 2014 (18:36) | Blu-ray, by Sean Axmaker, DVD, Film Reviews | By: Sean Axmaker

Transcendence (Warner, Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD, Cable VOD) marks the directorial debut of Wally Pfister, Oscar-winning cinematographer to Christopher Nolan. His visual intelligence, however, doesn’t transcend the dead weight passing as a script in this confused science fiction thriller starring Johnny Depp as a computer science genius whose mind is uploaded to an experimental computer […]

Film Review: ‘Sabotage’

29 March, 2014 (11:20) | by Robert Horton, Film Reviews | By: Robert Horton

I’ve seen enough TV pharmaceutical commercials to diagnose symptoms when I see them. And I can confidently say that no one involved with Sabotage is suffering from “low T.” This is a very high-testosterone movie. The female characters score especially strong on that scale. In the early going, the hyperactive macho joshing and intense gun-fondling […]

Watching with David Ayer, director and writer of ‘End of Watch’

21 January, 2013 (14:02) | by Sean Axmaker, Interviews | By: Sean Axmaker

David Ayer is something of a specialist when it comes to cop movies. And by that, I mean the day to day lives of cops on the beat, the kind of stories that tend to get overlooked in favor or big action movies or corruption thrillers. End of Watch, which adopts a found-footage aesthetic by […]

‘End of Watch’ Is Worth Watching

22 September, 2012 (10:36) | by Kathleen Murphy, Film Reviews | By: Kathleen Murphy

Commandeering yet another police car to exploit dangerous days and ways in L.A.’s South Central badlands, David Ayer (Training Day) drives deep in End of Watch. Sadly, deep for Ayer is pretty shallow. What saves this cop show from its predictable tropes and clichés are terrific performances by Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña, who’ve got […]