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Blu-ray: ‘Man in the Dark’

10 March, 2014 (15:47) | Blu-ray, by Sean Axmaker, Film Noir, Film Reviews | By: Sean Axmaker

Man in the Dark (1953) could be the working title of many a film noir, a genre that routinely casts shadows (literal and figurative) over its characters. In this case, the title is something of a pun, as criminal Steve Rawley (stolid, sturdy noir regular Edmond O’Brien) volunteers to undergo experimental brain surgery to curb […]

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Arch Oboler’s ‘Bewitched’ and its Alter Egos

18 February, 2013 (06:14) | Essays, Guest Contributor | By: guest

Matthew Rovner follows up his career overview of radio pioneer and film director Arch Oboler, published in 2009 on Parallax View, with this study of his 1945 film Bewitched. By Matthew Rovner Arch Oboler’s intriguing noir, Bewitched (1945), is a dark thriller about a woman with multiple personality disorder, now termed dissociative identity disorder (DID). […]

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