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‘Amour’: True love

18 December, 2012 (16:25) | by Kathleen Murphy, Film Reviews | By: Kathleen Murphy

Austrian director Michael Haneke has often been accused of casting a cold, even sadistic, eye on the characters who suffer through cruelly uncompromising films like Funny Games, The Piano Teacher, Caché, and The White Ribbon. That detached, clinical style, demanding, above all, that we watch and be implicated in what happens on-screen, informs Amour as […]

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Old age ain’t for sissies

17 December, 2012 (22:06) | by Sean Axmaker, Essays | By: Sean Axmaker

Life doesn’t end at retirement. Not that you’d know that from the movies, where senior citizens are routinely relegated to supporting roles in stories about young and sexy characters played by bankable movie stars. They’re comic relief, crotchety commentators, sage mentors or simply another responsibility for folks in the prime of life, if they are […]

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