Issues 40-49

MTN40cover150Movietone News No. 40: April 13, 1975

How It Is
The dark comedy of Only Angels Have Wings
By Peter Hogue

Energy in Scarface and His Girl Friday
By Kevin Cooney

People Who Need People
Collaboration as a way of life in To Have and Have Not (published on Parallax View here)
By Richard T. Jameson

Tracking Shot

Freedom and Entrapment
Hedgehog art: part one of an article on Scenes from a Marriage
By Birgitta Steene

Morricone Encomium (published on Parallax View here)
Once upon a time on the soundtrack in the films of Sergio Leone
By Robert C. Cumbow

MTN 29-38: An Index

You Only Live Once


Love among the Ruins, Sheila Levine Is Dead and Living in New York, The Four Musketeers: The Revenge of Milady, The Yakuza, Réjeanne Padovani, Love and Anarchy, Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins, Rancho Deluxe
(reviews by Ken Eisler, Claudia Gorbman, Rick Hermann, Richard T. Jameson)

MTN41cover150Movietone News No. 41: May 11, 1975

Caliban in Bodega Bay (published on Parallax View here)
Hitchcock’s The Birds reconsidered
By Robert C. Cumbow

The 400 Cuts vs. How to Shoot the Piano Player
Montage and mise-en-scène in Truffaut’s Fahrenheit 451
By Alan Williams

Freedom and Entrapment
The conclusion of an article on Bergman’s Scenes from a Marriage
By Birgitta Steene

Serpents in the Desert
Billy Wilder on mythmaking: Ace in the Hole
By Bernard F. Dick

Tracking Shot

In Black & White
The Complete Wedding March, reviewed
By Rick Hermann

You Only Live Once

The Passenger, Get to Know Your Rabbit, Antonia: A Portrait of the Woman, The Reincarnation of Peter Proud, Shao Lin Martial Arts, Hangup, Lacombe Lucien, Brannigan
(reviews by Robert C. Cumbow, R C Dale, Claudia Gorbman, Rick Hermann, Richard T. Jameson, William R. Meyer)

MTN42cover150Movietone News No. 42: July 2, 1975

John Ford Reprints the Legend (published on Parallax View here)
The world moves on: Judge Priest vs. The Sun Shines Bright
By David Coursen

Tracking Shot

See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Heal Me
Style and feeling in John Cassavetes’ A Woman under the Influence
By Jon Purdy

In Black & White
Women in Focus, reviewed
By Claudia Gorbman
Jack Nicholson Face to Face, reviewed
By Robert C. Cumbow

The Passenger: David Locke’s Discovery of David Robertson’s Body
Antonioni’s window on the world, opened
By Catherine Hendricks

A Letter

You Only Live Once

Sound and Sight
Equalizing media
By James Monaco

The Return of the Pink Panther, Jaws, The Wind and the Lion, Supervixens, Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, The Drowning Pool, Bite the Bullet, W.W. and the Dixie Dancekings, Breakout, Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, Lenny, The Eiger Sanction, French Connection II
(reviews by Rick Hermann, Richard T. Jameson, Scott Mugford)

MTN43cover150Movietone News No. 43: September 4, 1975

Nashville: Writin’ it all down kinda makes me feel better (published on Parallax View here)
Exploring the terrain of the movie of the year
By Richard T. Jameson

Tracking Shot

Doppler Effect at the Dunbar (published on Parallax View here)
Our Man in Vancouver reports on the latest festival up that way—most especially, Les Ordres, The Middle of the World and The Goat’s Horn
By Ken Eisler

You Only Live Once
A quick guide to the local—and suddenly very busy—repertory scene

Day of the Locust, The National Health, Bug, Sssssss, Hennessy, At Long Last Love, French Connection II, Phantom of the Paradise, Night Moves, Race with the Devil, The Great Waldo Pepper
(reviews by Robert C. Cumbow, Ken Eisler, Rick Hermann, Peter Hogue, Richard T. Jameson)

MTN44cover150Movietone News No. 44: September 29, 1975

A Dalmatian Called Nixon (published on Parallax View here)
A moviemane in Mexico
By Ken Eisler

La Olvidada
An undiscovered woman director, appraised
By Jorge Ayala Blanco
(Translated by Ken Eisler)

Alice in Wanderland
It’s the real thing: Scorsese’s Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
By Maria Gargiulo


Tracking Shot

Reviews of two by Raymond Durgnat:
Jean Renoir
By Peter Hogue
The Strange Case of Alfred Hitchcock (published on Parallax View here)
By Robert C. Cumbow
plus an In Black & White addendum, Lilli Palmer’s Change Lobsters—and Dance
By Richard T. Jameson

Adventures in Time and Space
George Cukor’s Travels with My Aunt
By Jesse S. Brandt

You Only Live Once
“Hitchcock III” at UW

A Boy and His Dog, Smile, And Now My Love, Farewell Mv Lovely, Middle of the World, Posse, Undercovers Hero
(reviews by Kevin Cooney, Robert C. Cumbow, Rick Hermann, Richard T. Jameson, Kathleen Murphy)

MTN45cover150Movietone News No. 45: November 9, 1975

Special Feature This Issue:

Raoul Walsh
An appreciation of a grand American moviemaker via twelve of his most characteristic films
By Peter Hogue

Two Raucous Silents
What Price Glory? and Sadie Thompson

Roughhouse Comedy
Three rowdy early-sound classics: The Cock-eyed World, Me and My Gal, The Bowery

Big Shots
Walsh’s gangsters: The Roaring Twenties, High Sierra, White Heat

Boys at Work
Truckers and power linemen: They Drive by Night and Manpower

“That’s the kind of hairpin I am”
The gaiest Nineties: Gentleman Jim and The Strawberry Blonde

A Neglected Western
“An early masterpiece of the pessimistic western”: Colorado Territory

“He’s from back home”
Man and myth in High Sierra
By Rick Hermann

Tracking Shot

You Only Live Once

Rooster Cogburn, Black Christmas, Donkey Skin, 92 in the Shade, Three Days of the Condor
(reviews by Rick Herman, Richard T. Jameson)

MTN46cover150Movietone News No. 46: December 14, 1975

Mad Rooms (published on Parallax View here)
Shot composition in two films of Bernard Girard
By Robert C. Cumbow

Chaplin’s Immortal Story: Limelight Revisited
An extensive appreciation, 20 years after
By Douglas McVay

Tracking Shot


Hell, Italian Style (published on Parallax View here)
On Nanni Loy’s Detained Pending Trial (Why-?)
By Ken Eisler

In Black & White (published on Parallax View here)
“Hugh Fordin’s The World of Entertainment, reviewed
By Alan Williams

Out of Season: 19th San Francisco Film Festival
Two views
By Peter Hogue (published on Parallax View here)
By Richard T. Jameson (published on Parallax View here)

You Only Live Once
Classic mysteries in series at the Art Museum, Renoir for UW film series

Blanche, Capone, Le Secret, Hard Times, Captain Kronos-Vampire Hunter, Winterhawk, A Very Curious Girl
(reviews by Ken Eisler, Rick Hermann, Richard T. Jameson)

Movietone News No. 47, January 21, 1976

A New Map of the Labyrinth: The Unretouched Touch of Evil
There’s now more to see than ever in Orson Welles’ American-nightmare masterpiece
By John Belton

On the Absence of the Grail (published on Parallax View here)
Style, meaning, and Meaning in Robert Bresson’s Lancelot du Lac
By Alan Williams

Love among the Ruins
Browsing over Seattle film year 1975, with Ten Best Lists by MTN Contributing Writers and commentary
By Richard T. Jameson

Moments out of Time (published on Parallax View here)
Scenes, shots, stances, sensations onscreen in ’75
By Richard T. Jameson and Kathleen Murphy


Dog Day Afternoon, The Nickel Ride, La Vie rêvée, Conduct Unbecoming, The Sunshine Boys, The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother, The Romantic Englishwoman
(reviews by Robert Cumbow, Ken Eisler, Rick Hermann, Richard T. Jameson)

A pdf of the original issue can be found here
Movietone News No. 47 (.pdf)

Movietone News No. 48, February 29, 1976

Back Door to Personal Expression
The blessings of B-dom. William K. Howard’s Back Door to Heaven, appreciated
By James Damico

Tracking Shot

D.O.A. and the Notion of Noir
Journey to the end of night
By Richard Dorfman

Closing Down the Open Road: Detour (published on Parallax View here)
Life among the process screens, savored
By David Coursen


In Black & White (published on Parallax View here)
“B” Movies and Kings of the Bs, reviewed
By Peter Hogue
The Birth of the Talkies, reviewed
By Claudia Gorbman

Touch of Evil: Removing the Evidence
Unretouching an important article

You Only Live Once
“The American Dream” for UW LecCon

A Piece of The Cobweb
A note on suggestive mise-en-scene
By Dana Benelli

Barry Lyndon (1), Barry Lyndon (2), The Magic Flute, Hearts of the World, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Between Friends, The Man Who Would Be King; Take It Like a Man, Madam
(reviews by Robert C. Cumbow, Ken Eisler, Rick Hermann, Richard T. Jameson, Douglas F. Palau)

A pdf of the original issue can be found here
Movietone News No. 48 (.pdf)

Movietone News No. 49, April 18, 1976

The Richard Lester Sitting-Still Film (published on Parallax View here)
The peripatetic director of The Three Musketeers, Juggernaut and now Robin and Marian, interviewed
By James Monaco

Still Life: Robin and Marian (published on Parallax View here)
“Ripeness is all” in the new Richard Lester film
By Kathleen Murphy

Misère-en-scèneYoung German Filmmakers on Dangerous Ground
Fear—and other good things—eat soul in the Federal Republic: a report
By Rick Rentschler

Une Femme sauvage (published on Parallax View here)
New insights into Truffaut’s L’Histoire d’Adele H.
By Robert C. Cumbow

The Harte of Hollywood
“But Mr. Dwan, if you liked that story … ” – Tennessee’s Partner as a how-not-to textbook of adaptation
By James Damico


You Only Live Once (published on Parallax View here)
Moore-Egyptian as international treasure-house

Lipstick, The Man Who Would Be King, Pather Panchali , I Will, I Will … for Now; The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox, Le Magnifique, All the President’s Men, Breakheart Pass, Gable and Lombard
(reviews by Sharon Green, Rick Hermann, Richard T. Jameson, Alan Williams)

A pdf of the original issue can be found here
Movietone News No. 49 (.pdf)

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