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VHS Obsessed: ‘Adjust Your Tracking’

3 November, 2014 (16:48) | by Sean Axmaker, Horror, Industry, Technology | By: Sean Axmaker

Perhaps you need to be of a certain generation to get nostalgic over the low-fidelity, awkward, more-fragile-than-it-looks technology of movies on VHS tape. Those little plastic movie bricks storing reels of magnetic tape aren’t just outmoded twentieth-century technology, they’re downright archaic, not to mention fatally impermanent. That’s not to say that DVD is forever, but […]

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Here’s How Indie Movie Rental Stores Are Surviving the New Frontier

18 November, 2013 (21:05) | Blu-ray, by Sean Axmaker, DVD, Technology | By: Sean Axmaker

Seattle’s Scarecrow Video has been called the greatest video store in the country, praised by the likes of Bernardo Bertolucci (who discovered it while shooting “Little Buddha”) and Quentin Tarantino (who walked from downtown Seattle to the store’s University District location as a kind of pilgrimage to the video Mecca), explored by Bertrand Tavernier in […]

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“Breaking new ground has always been in the medium itself” – An Interview With Douglas Trumbull

11 February, 2012 (02:42) | by Sean Axmaker, Industry, Interviews, Science Fiction, Technology | By: Sean Axmaker

On Saturday, February 11, Douglas Trumbull will receive the Gordon E. Sawyer Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for his contributions to the technology of the industry. Trumbull has over a dozen patents in his name, and developed or improved upon many of the filmmaking techniques that are standard in today’s […]

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Ghosts of the MGM Limited Edition Collection

8 May, 2011 (18:41) | by Sean Axmaker, Industry, Technology | By: Sean Axmaker

A batch of discs from the MGM Limited Edition Collection, a MOD (manufacture-on-demand) line of releases sold exclusively via the web, was manufactured with errors in the image. In particular scenes with dark objects or hard lines set against a bright or neutral backgrounds, a halo effect, or ghosting, can be seen in the radiating […]

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Breaking News on Net Neutrality from Lloyd Kaufman

5 August, 2010 (15:27) | Editor, Industry, Technology | By: Editor

The following press release was sent by Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment and Chairperson of the Independent Film & Television Alliance, in response to the report in The New York Times about a possible deal that would allow Google and Verizon greater access to the Internet, which they would then sell to customers at […]

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Warner Archive Collection – New Access to Old Movies

27 March, 2009 (18:00) | by Sean Axmaker, DVD, Industry, Technology | By: Sean Axmaker

Warner’s launch of the Warner Archive Collection, its new DVD on Demand site, was well covered earlier this week (see The New York Times’ The Carpetbagger, Susan King at the LA Times and Lou Leminick at the New York Post) but there’s been little follow-up in the days since. Maybe that’s because we’re all waiting […]

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“The Robe” introduced a new Scope

15 March, 2009 (12:01) | by John Hartl, DVD, Essays, Technology | By: John Hartl

Whatever you think of the biblical blockbuster, The Robe, there’s no question that its phenomenal popularity marked a turning point in movie history. Twentieth Century-Fox, which previously treated it rather shabbily on DVD, tape and laser disc, is finally recognizing its significance with a Blu-ray Special Edition that’s loaded with extra features. Among them: a […]

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