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SIFFing: Parallax View’s SIFF 2011 Guide

Updated through Sunday, June 12

The 37th Annual Seattle International Film Festival opened on Thursday, May 19 and ran for 25 days through Sunday, June 12. Here is Parallax View’s coverage and guide to  SIFF resources.

SIFF Week by Week:
SIFF 2011 Dispatch 8: “Life in a Day” and “Norwegian Wood,” final screenings and return engagements (Sean Axmaker)
SIFF 2011 Dispatch 7: The Night of Counting the Years (Sean Axmaker)
SIFF 2011 Dispatch 6: Awards (Sean Axmaker)
Seattle International Film Festival Closing Weekend (Meredith Brody for TOH!)
SIFF 2011 Dispatch 5: The Yellow Sea (Sean Axmaker)
SIFF 2011 Dispatch 4: The White Meadows (Sean Axmaker)
SIFF Week 4: 15 New Picks & Pans (Seattle Weekly, Brian Miller and others)
SIFF Dispatch: Meeting Elmo (Kim Voynar at Movie City News)
Tomorrow Will Be Better (Kathleen Murphy)
Letters From the Big Man (Robert Horton)
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