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Odysseys: VIFF 2014

8 October, 2014 (08:00) | by Sean Axmaker, Film Festivals | By: Sean Axmaker

After the official fall film launch of the Venice/Telluride/Toronto triumvirate, the first significant American fest is the New York Film Festival. But due to the quirks of international film festival branding, another event that plays out during roughly the same period offers many of the films showcased in New York as well as a great […]

Out of Season: The 19th International San Francisco Film Festival – Take 2

2 September, 2014 (06:14) | by Richard T. Jameson, Film Festivals | By: Richard T. Jameson

[Originally published in Movietone News 46, December 1975] Mine has been a sheltered existence: I never attended a film festival before. And as a matter of fact I attended only four days of this one. But four more disillusioning and dispiriting days I don’t expect, or want, to experience for quite a while, thank you. […]

Out of Season: The 19th International San Francisco Film Festival – Take 1

1 September, 2014 (15:13) | by Peter Hogue, Film Festivals | By: Peter Hogue

[Originally published in Movietone News 46, December 1975] Beforehand, the 19th San Francisco Film Festival looked less than scintillating. The parts of it that I was able to see were, by most accounts, the best parts, and if that’s so, then the first impression was not entirely wrong. The 1975 edition of the festival wasn’t […]

Blu-ray: ‘Performance’

22 July, 2014 (08:37) | Blu-ray, by Sean Axmaker, Film Festivals | By: Sean Axmaker

To many fans, Performance (1970) is legendary as the dramatic feature film debut of Mick Jagger. Though released in 1970, the film–about a short-fused punk of a London gangster named Chas (James Fox) who hides out from the cops and the crooks alike in the basement flat of a reclusive rock stars’ (Jagger) dilapidated mansion–was […]

SIFF 2014 Winners and Returning Films

9 June, 2014 (08:35) | by Sean Axmaker, Film Festivals | By: Sean Axmaker

The winners of the audience and jury awards for the Seattle International Film Festival’s fortieth edition were announced Sunday, June 8 at a breakfast ceremony at the Seattle Space Needle. Richard Linklater’s Boyhood dominated the audience awards, taking home Golden Space Needle Awards for Best Actress Patricia Arquette, Best Director Linklater, and Best Film. Dawid […]

SIFFing: Parallax View’s SIFF 2014 Guide

9 June, 2014 (08:24) | Editor, Film Festivals, Links | By: Sean Axmaker

The 40th Annual Seattle International Film Festival opens on Thursday, May 15, with a screening of John Ridley’s Jimi: All is By My Side, and complete its 25-day run on Sunday, June 8 with The One I Love as the Closing Night Film. Here is Parallax View’s coverage and guide to SIFF resources for all 25 […]

Seattle International Film Festival at Forty

7 June, 2014 (17:30) | by Sean Axmaker, Essays, Film Festivals | By: Sean Axmaker

It’s #SIFForty! The 2014 Seattle International Film Festival is the 40th edition, at least by the numerical count (SIFF jumped from the “Twelfth Annual” in 1987 to the “Fourteenth Annual” in 1988, skipping Lucky Thirteen just like a high rise, but when you survive this long, who really sweats the details?). It holds the claim to the biggest […]

SIFF 2014: Robert Horton’s Festival Preview

14 May, 2014 (14:53) | by Robert Horton, Film Festivals | By: Robert Horton

Should you utter the title The Babadook out loud, you may be in danger of summoning an Australian bogeyman from its hiding place—and woe betide those who doubt its existence. Film Comment calls this first-time effort from director Jennifer Kent “the real deal” in horror, so expect to lose some sleep. (Egyptian: 11:55 p.m. Fri., […]

SIFF 2014: Taylor Guterson’s ‘Burkholder’

14 May, 2014 (08:53) | by Sean Axmaker, Film Festivals, Interviews | By: Sean Axmaker

“My films are a little weird,” says Taylor Guterson. It’s a weird statement to make about his two easygoing features. His debut Old Goats (SIFF ’11) and his new Burkholder both concern a group of of elderly, sometimes cantankerous codgers facing their retirement years on Bainbridge Island, where the director grew up. The films gently […]

SIFF 2014: All is by my SIFF guide

30 April, 2014 (21:01) | by Sean Axmaker, Film Festivals | By: Sean Axmaker

The press release has been unleashed, the complete schedule has been announced, and at 9am on Thursday, May 1, the schedule will go up on the SIFF website and tickets will go on sale online and at the SIFF Cinema Uptown box office (the Pacific Place SIFF box-office with open later). The 40th Seattle International […]

SIFF 2014: Cinescape to the Opening Night Film ‘Jimi: All is By My Side’

22 April, 2014 (15:27) | by Sean Axmaker, Film Festivals | By: Sean Axmaker

The Seattle International Film Festival announced this week that it will kick off the 40th Seattle International Film Festival with a screening of Jimi: All is By My Side, John Ridley’s film about the early years of Jimi Hendrix in England before his breakthrough, on the Thursday, May 15 opening night gala at McCaw Hall. […]

VIFF 2013: Vancouver’s Iranian, European Views

13 October, 2013 (09:41) | by Sean Axmaker, Film Festivals | By: Sean Axmaker

Iranian cinema has a history of couching its criticisms of life in Iran in metaphor. Mohammad Rasoulof’s 2009 The White Meadows offered the oppressive, authoritarian culture of contemporary Iran as a warped Gulliver’s Travels through a lifeless salt marsh of islands out of some surreal medieval world. What’s most startling about Rasoulof’s Manuscripts Don’t Burn is […]

VIFF 2013: Drizzle and Dragons

9 October, 2013 (09:13) | by Sean Axmaker, Film Festivals | By: Sean Axmaker

A few weeks after the closing night of the 2012 Vancouver International Film Festival, the Granville 7—an old-school multiplex in the heart of downtown Vancouver with screens squirrelled away on four levels (including that funky little screen hidden between two floors)—was shuttered and slowly gutted. It was a failing theater, to be sure, with no […]

Expansive Views at Telluride’s 40th

3 September, 2013 (08:32) | by Jay Kuehner, Film Festivals | By: Jay Kuehner

On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, Telluride, the venerable film festival tucked away in this remote Colorado mountain village bucked tradition and did the seemingly unthinkable: it expanded. Adding an extra day to its program and a new theater (a 500-seat beauty named in honor of Werner Herzog) to its venues, the festival could be […]

Channeling Movies: The ultimate movie history class runs Monday nights on Turner Classic Movies

31 August, 2013 (08:47) | by Sean Axmaker, Documentary, Film Festivals | By: Sean Axmaker

In The Story Of Film: An Odyssey, filmmaker and film historian Mark Cousins takes an unconventional, expansive, and almost exhaustive approach to the history of cinema, from the first moving images to modern movies. His 15-hour documentary series is an ambitious attempt to encapsulate cinema, from birth to the present, as practiced all over the […]