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Review: Tenant

15 November, 2011 (14:58) | Film Reviews, Guest Contributor, Roman Polanski | By: Movietone News contributor

By Norman Hale [Originally published in Movietone News 52, October 1976] Art thou not, fatal vision, sensible To feeling as to sight? or art thou but A dagger of the mind, a false creation Proceeding from the heat-oppressed brain? —Macbeth In The Tenant Roman Polanski explores again the psychic terrain of guilt, dread, paranoia, fears […]

“Cul-De-Sac” – Waiting For Katelbach

21 August, 2011 (17:06) | Blu-ray, by Sean Axmaker, DVD, Film Reviews, Roman Polanski | By: Sean Axmaker

Roman Polanski once cited Cul-De-Sac (Criterion), a sly little character piece set in an isolated medieval castle on the barren British coast, as his personal favorite of his films, and the closest he came to creating “pure cinema.” It’s also been the hardest of Polanski’s films to see, at least in acceptable (and legitimate) editions. […]

Son of Noir

21 February, 2011 (08:48) | by Richard T. Jameson, Essays, Film Noir, Robert Altman, Roman Polanski | By: Richard T. Jameson

[Originally published in Film Comment Vol. 10 No. 6, November-December 1974] It’s a good idea to recall periodically no director at, say, RKO in the Forties ever passed a colleague on the lot and called, “Hey, baby, I hear they’re giving you a film noir to do next.” The term was a critical response, on […]

The Ghost Writer

13 December, 2010 (05:39) | by Richard T. Jameson, Film Reviews, Roman Polanski | By: Richard T. Jameson

[Originally published in Queen Anne & Magnolia News, Feb. 17, 2010] Roman Polanski’s The Ghost Writer was thrilling when first seen back in February, and with the end of 2010 in sight it remains my favorite first-time movie encounter of the year. Polanski and his picture have been honored in Europe, though I doubt whether […]

Review: Diary of Forbidden Dreams (aka What?)

24 February, 2010 (09:49) | by Robert C. Cumbow, Film Reviews, Roman Polanski | By: Robert C. Cumbow

[Originally published in Movietone News 62-63, December 1979] What’s being called Diary of Forbidden Dreams or simply Forbidden Dreams in its current run is actually Roman Polanski’s 1972 opus What?, being released in the U.S. for the first time to cash in on the director’s recent notoriety. Like Dance of the Vampires, which he made […]

“Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired” – DVD for the Week 1/27/09

26 January, 2009 (19:10) | by Sean Axmaker, Documentary, DVD, Film Reviews, Roman Polanski | By: Sean Axmaker

Is Marina Zenovich’s documentary Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired in fact the “DVD of the Week” this week? I mean, is it the standout film this week, or an overlooked masterpiece, or a superior use of the DVD medium? Or am I just reaching to fill the slot of a weekly feature? Some of the […]

“Forget it, Jake, it’s Chinatown”

10 October, 2008 (00:12) | by Richard T. Jameson, Essays, Film Reviews, Roman Polanski | By: Richard T. Jameson

[originally published in Movietone News no. 33, July 1974] THE TITLES, shadow-masked to the old 1.33 format, roll up against a grey moderne background and give way to a series of black-and-white still photos. In the photos a man and a woman are making love, awkwardly, with their clothes on, in the woods. We hear […]