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“Everything happens at its appointed time” – Picnic at Hanging Rock

5 December, 2009 (18:25) | by Pierre Greenfield, Film Reviews, Peter Weir | By: Pierre Greenfield

[Originally published in slightly different form in Movietone News 62-63, December 1979] This is the second feature film from director Peter Weir, the first being the uneven but fitfully brilliant The Cars That Ate Paris in 1973. Though that movie was too scrappy to make Weir seem more than extremely promising, Picnic at Hanging Rock is something else: […]

“It doesn’t take any imagination at all to feel awed” – Peter Weir

3 December, 2009 (16:54) | by Judith M. Kass, Interviews, Peter Weir | By: Judith M. Kass

[Originally published in Movietone News 62-63, December 1979] Peter Weir was interviewed by Judith Kass in New York City on January 8, 1979, in connection with the U.S. opening of his new film The Last Wave. The Last Wave concerns a lawyer, played by Richard Chamberlain, who defends five aborigines accused of killing a sixth […]