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Blu-ray: ‘Caught’

22 September, 2014 (10:06) | Blu-ray, by Sean Axmaker, Film Reviews, Max Ophuls | By: Sean Axmaker

The American films of German-born filmmaker Max Ophuls have never been as celebrated as his more overtly stylized and seductively romantic French films. That attitude is fed by a sense of ill-treatment by the studios. He dropped the “h” to become Max Opuls in the credits of his Hollywood movies, which can either be seen […]

Blu-ray: ‘The Earrings of Madame de…’

10 October, 2013 (12:35) | Blu-ray, by Sean Axmaker, Film Reviews, Max Ophuls | By: Sean Axmaker

The European films of Max Ophuls are elaborate dances of romance and seduction in a world of social constraints and fickle lovers, and his 1953 The Earrings of Madame de…, considered by some critics one of the perfect pictures of cinema, is the most elegant of these melancholy waltzes. And it is amazing, a piece […]

Max Ophuls in Hollywood on Turner Classic Movies

22 January, 2012 (08:23) | by Sean Axmaker, Film Reviews, Max Ophuls | By: Sean Axmaker

On Monday, January 23, Turner Classic Movies is showing all four films made by Max Ophuls, the great German director, during his brief tenure in America (when he dropped the “h” and signed his films “Max Opuls”). The evening of “Max Ophuls in Hollywood” is followed by two of his greatest French films, La Ronde […]

Houses, Phones and Cars: Domestic Spaces in Max Ophuls’ “The Reckless Moment”

9 August, 2010 (09:51) | Essays, Film Noir, Guest Contributor, Max Ophuls, Melodrama | By: Movietone News contributor

By Norman Hale [Originally published in Movietone News 58-59, August 1978] Max Ophuls, the great European film director, once observed in conversation with a friend that different love relationships are expressed by different tokens: traditionally a man gives fresh-cut flowers to his mistress, but a potted plant to his wife.* Social rituals with their attendant […]

The Reckless Moment: Max Ophuls’ Masterpiece of Middle Class America

28 September, 2009 (07:48) | by Sean Axmaker, Essays, Film Noir, Max Ophuls | By: Sean Axmaker

The thirty-second year of the Seattle Art Museum’s annual Film Noir Cycle, “the granddaddy of the world’s film noir festivals,” opens with one of the most unheralded masterpieces of shadowy American melodrama: The Reckless Moment (1949), directed by continental stylist Max Ophuls (shortened to “Opuls” for his American screen credits). Known for his visual taste […]

Carousels, Circuses And Cathedrals: The Film Art of Max Ophuls

19 October, 2008 (22:17) | by Kathleen Murphy, Essays, Max Ophuls | By: Kathleen Murphy

[Originally written in November, 2002 for the "Luminous Psyche" film series "The Films of Max Ophuls"] “But where would people like us get to if we couldn’t get carried away?” –Max Ophuls When Max Ophuls died in 1957, his friend and collaborator Peter Ustinov (Le Plaisir‘s narrator, Lola Montès‘s Ringmaster) described the director as “a […]

Heart-Shaped World: “The Earrings of Madame de…

20 September, 2008 (20:42) | by Sean Axmaker, DVD, Film Reviews, Max Ophuls | By: Sean Axmaker

The Earrings of Madame de… has been called one of the perfect pictures of cinema. And it is amazing, a piece that is not just directed, not just choreographed, but sculpted in time and space, with actors and décor as the raw materials and the camera carving out the story. Charles Boyer gives what I […]