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Liam Neeson and Kevin Costner Bring Experience to Action Cinema

25 February, 2014 (12:57) | Actors, by Sean Axmaker, Essays | By: Sean Axmaker

When did Liam Neeson, that Oscar-nominated rock of an Irish actor who starred in Schindler’s List and Michael Collins, become the toughest action hero of the day? When actors pass 50 they generally transition into, let’s say, less physically demanding roles. You know, fathers and mentors and sturdy authority figures offering sage advice to the […]

Ben Affleck’s 10 defining films

2 October, 2013 (08:47) | Actors, by Sean Axmaker, Essays | By: Sean Axmaker

Ben Affleck’s career has been as turbulent and dramatic as they come. He was championed as a rising young actor, celebrated as the Oscar-winning screenwriter (shared with his childhood best friend Matt Damon) of Good Will Hunting, ridiculed as a pretty face in Michael Bay’s action spectacles, and written off after a string of box-office […]

The portraits of Daniel Day-Lewis

7 November, 2012 (09:18) | Actors, by Sean Axmaker, Essays | By: Sean Axmaker

“I most enjoy the loss of self that can only be achieved through detailed understanding of another life — not by limping and growing a moustache.” — Daniel Day-Lewis. Is there an actor who commits himself so completely to a role as Daniel Day-Lewis? A consummate method actor, he researches roles meticulously, learns the crafts […]

Interview: Matthew Modine on the 25th Anniversary of ‘Full Metal Jacket’

7 August, 2012 (09:06) | Actors, by Sean Axmaker, Interviews | By: Sean Axmaker

Matthew Modine has been making movies for thirty years. After making his big screen debut in a small role in John Sayles’ Baby It’s You, he quickly became one of the most in-demand young actors of his generation, with major roles in Robert Altman’s Streamers, Alan Parker’s Birdie, and Gillian Armstrong’s Mrs. Soffel, before landing […]

Supercharged Actor-Director Collaborations

12 May, 2012 (10:22) | Actors, by Kathleen Murphy, Essays | By: Kathleen Murphy

When a director throws a cinematic frame around an actor, literally dictating how audiences will see the man or woman caught in the camera’s gaze, that’s real power—and it can be a form of possession. The high-voltage connection—between a filmmaker’s visual imagination and the performer who brings it to life—can be mutually productive, a fertile […]

A Streep for all seasons, especially this one

22 January, 2012 (18:32) | Actors, by Sheila Benson, Essays | By: Sheila Benson

Have not awakened from deep Streep mode over here. Partly because the Weinstein Company has been working her like a dog to see that The Iron Lady gets a decent lift-off. Thus her Kennedy Center Honors now, a Vogue cover, a Newsweek cover, plus an appearance – and an unsurprising win — at the otherwise […]

Bill Hunter and “Newsfront”

26 May, 2011 (18:39) | Actors, by Richard T. Jameson, Essays, Film Reviews | By: Richard T. Jameson

Bill Hunter (1940-2011), a character-acting mainstay of Australian cinema, died May 21. A household name in his native land, he appeared in more than a hundred films and TV episodes, starting with an unbilled bit in the 1957 The Shiralee. He had a twinkle both wry and weary, and a hardpan voice that seemed ordained […]

Me and Maggie the Cat – A very personal appreciation of Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011)

23 March, 2011 (11:19) | Actors, by Kathleen Murphy, Essays | By: Kathleen Murphy

“I’ve been through it all, baby. I’m Mother Courage.” “What’s the victory of a cat on a hot tin roof? Just stayin’ on it, I guess.” In 2007, my blood boiled as “Entertainment Tonight” gushed ghoulishly over the possibility that 75-year-old Elizabeth Taylor had a “new boyfriend” — referring to the gay black gentleman who escorted […]

“The Man I Love,” “Road House” and Ida Lupino: The Noir Heroine

18 February, 2011 (10:15) | Actors, by Sean Axmaker, Film Noir, Film Reviews | By: Sean Axmaker

If Barbara Stanwyck was the Queen B of film noir (as she dubbed in an iconic issue of Film Comment), Ida Lupino was its tough cookie, a beauty with brass and a dame who knew the score. She was a romantic heroine who could hold her own against the brawny heroes and rough villains of […]

Acting for Oscar

15 February, 2011 (19:19) | Actors, by Richard T. Jameson, Essays | By: Richard T. Jameson

Toward the end of last year, a friend and I were e-mailing about Clint Eastwood’s Hereafter. Released in mid-October, the film, a meditative journey along the boundary between life and death, had already done a fast fade as a commercial prospect (death is such a downer) and subject for awards speculation. My friend disdains Eastwood’s […]

Elisha Cook

11 November, 2010 (18:49) | Actors, by Richard T. Jameson, Essays | By: Richard T. Jameson

I posted the piece on The Maltese Falcon last week. Today I rewatched a few minutes of They Won’t Forget and thought, let’s have a little remembrance for an indispensable man. This was written as an obit fifteen years ago. If they gave career Oscars to character actors, nobody would have had a better claim […]

“Directing doesn’t start on the floor”: Claude Goretta and Isabelle Huppert Interviewed

16 August, 2010 (05:06) | Actors, by Judith M. Kass, Interviews | By: Judith M. Kass

[Originally published in Movietone News 58-59, August 1978] The Lacemaker (La Dentellière) was shown in the 1977 New York Film Festival. Claude Goretta, the director, and Isabelle Huppert, who costarred with Yves Beneyton, were interviewed before the film had opened commercially. The Lacemaker is the story of a young girl, employed at a beauty parlor, […]

The Man Behind Walter Bishop: “Fringe” star John Noble interviewed

2 April, 2010 (10:31) | Actors, by Sean Axmaker, Interviews, Television | By: Sean Axmaker

Australian thespian John Noble was best know to American audiences as King Denethor in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films before he became Walter Bishop in Fringe. The character is a tortured genius who spent 17 years in a mental facility, treated with heavy doses of pharmaceuticals and receiving no visitors, until he was […]

“I had to risk not being liked in that scene” – Michael Murphy Interviewed

28 March, 2010 (16:02) | Actors, by Judith M. Kass, Interviews, Robert Altman | By: Judith M. Kass

[Originally published in Movietone News 60-61, February 1979] May 9, 1978 New York City Judith M. Kass: Vincent Canby of The New York Times called your acting in An Unmarried Woman “an exceptionally complex performance as the husband whose emotional problems set in motion the events that make possible the Clayburgh character’s eventual liberation.” I’m […]

Interview – David Carradine

4 June, 2009 (10:37) | Actors, by Sean Axmaker, Interviews | By: Sean Axmaker

David Carradine died Wednesday in Bangkok at the age of 72. I had the pleasure of interviewing him in 2004, while he was promoting Kill Bill Vol. 2. This interview was originally published on GreenCine in April 2004. The son of John Carradine and elder half-brother to Keith and Robert, David’s career began in the […]