SIFFing: Parallax View’s SIFF 2017 Guide

The 43rd Annual Seattle International Film Festival opens on Thursday, May 18, with the opening night gala presentation of The Big Sick, from director Michael Showalter and writer/star Kumail Nanjiani, and closes 24 days later on Sunday, June 11 with the North American premiere of Raoul Peck’s The Young Karl Marx. In between there are (at last count) 161 feature films, 58 documentary features, 14 archival films, and 163 short films. All told: 400 films representing 80 countries (as of opening night).

Here is Parallax View’s coverage and guide to SIFF resources from around the web. We will update a few times a week.

SIFF Week by Week, Day by Day:

The 28 Best Movies To See At SIFF Over Memorial Day Weekend (staff, The Stranger) NEW
SIFF 2017: Highlights of the film festival’s second week (staff, Seattle Times) NEW
SIFF 2017: Picks for Memorial Day Weekend (staff, The SunBreak) NEW
SIFF 2017: week two highlights (Michael Bracy, Three Imaginary Girls) NEW

Festival Roundtable (Opening Week) (The SunBreak)
Roll out the red carpet: Seattle International Film Fest opens Thursday (Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times)
SIFF 2017: Highlights of film festival’s first week (John Hartl, Moira Macdonald, Brent McKnight, Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times)
Sifting through SIFF (Robert Horton, Seattle Weekly)
A Bookish Movie Buff’s Guide to SIFF (Paul Constant, Seattle Weekly)
SIFF 2017: Picks for Opening Weekend (May 19-21) (staff, The SunBreak)
SIFF 2017: Week One Highlights (Michael Bracy, Three Imaginary Girls)
SIFF 2017: Week One Preview (Sean Gilman, Seattle Screen Scene)

Reviews and capsules:

Afterimage (Roxie Ryder, Three Imaginary Girls) NEW
Time Trap (Amie Simon, Three Imaginary Girls) NEW
Finding Kukain (Melisa Tamminga, Seattle Screen Scene) NEW
Beach Rats (Evan Moran, Seattle Screen Scene) NEW
Sami Blood (Melissa Tamminga, Seattle Screen Scene) NEW
Chronicles of Hari (JH, Seattle Screen Scene) NEW
A Homecoming for Those Redheads from Seattle (Tony Kay, CityArts) NEW
SIFF’s Culinary Cinema Series Presents Food on Film (Naomi Tomky, The Stranger)
Substance, Not Flash from ‘Bill Frisell, A Portrait’ (Tony Kay, City Arts)
Knife in the Clear Water (Evan Morgan, Seattle Screen Scene)
SIFF Face the Music 2017 Preview: Give Me Future (Gabe Pollak, KEXP)
SIFF Face the Music 2017 Preview: Chavela (Matthew Howland, KEXP)
SIFF 2017: Confrontation, desperation, disorientation, and fish bubble guns (Andrew Hamlin, Northwest Asian Weekly)
The 28 Films You Must See at SIFF 2017 (staff, The Stranger)
Cook Up a Storm (Sean Gilman, Seattle Screen Scene)
The Stranger’s SIFF Notes (staff, the Stranger)

Spotlight Features and Commentary:

SIFF documentary paints portrait of Bainbridge Island guitarist Bill Frisell (Katie Anastas, Seattle Times) NEW
Ask a Rocketman (Tony Kay, City Arts) NEW
SIFF Interview: Creators of Rocketmen: The Series (Chris Burlingame, The SunBreak) NEW
SIFF Interview: Jeffrey Schwarz talks about his great new documentary, ‘The Fabulous Allan Carr’ (Chris Burlingame, The SunBreak)
With Trump as President, Seattle International Film Festival Is More Important Than Ever (Irina VanPatten, The Stranger)


SIFF Face the Music 2017 Preview: On the Road (Matthew Howland, KEXP) NEW
SIFF Face the Music 2017 Preview: Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The World (Janice Headley, KEXP) NEW
SIFF 2017: From ‘The Big Sick’ to ‘The Young Karl Marx’ (Sean Axmaker, Parallax View)
2017 SIFF Preview (Ryan Swen, Seattle Screen Scene)
Tom Tangney’s top 10 picks for SIFF 2017 (Tom Tangney, My Northwest)
SIFF 2017 Preview: Northwest Connections (Amie Simon, Three Imaginary Girls)
SIFF 2017 Preview: Face the Music (Amie Simon, Three Imaginary Girls)
SIFF 2017: Face the Music (KEPX)
SIFF Programmer’s Picks (SIFF)

How to SIFF:

How to navigate SIFF 2017 (Moira Macdonald, Seattle Times)
The SunBreak’s SIFF 2017 Pro Tips (Tony Kay, The SunBreak)

Official sites:

SIFF 2017 homepage
SIFF calendar
SIFF Films A to Z
SIFF 2017 Box Office
SIFFtv (video shorts and interviews from the festival)

And other resources:

Three Imaginary Girls
Seattle Screen Scene
The Sunbreak

A few blogs at SIFF

Should I See It?
Den of Cinema
The Last Thing I See
A Classic Movie Blog

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